Time for Change

Make that change

I like people, I’m a social butterfly, people give me energy and inspiration. 

I hate people, I love being alone, people drain me and give me despair.

This virus is differentiating these people easily right now. I have been isolated for 8 days just leaving the house twice. 

The Change curve has never been so easily visual to watch people resist any change. 

Those people still in denial, we can’t change and have to accept that. 

They would rather resist any part of social conformity even if it meant cutting off their own nose to spite their face, saving thousands from dying or killing your gran. 

One more thing to realise about the change curve is that you don’t go through these stages just for acknowledging Coronavirus. 

It’s every stage for every change.

Working from home is a change which weeks ago we denied got angry for having to sort home arrangements and eventually we sorted a home office. 

The children being in or out of school which first we denied and then got angry about having to home school them but now have ideas and work plans in place. 

The shutting of pubs and shops and eventually the total lockdown that will come. 

The faster you can change from denial, whizz through anger and then end up at acceptance and problem solving then the stronger you will be in this crisis. 

As the Reverend Neil Biles would say “If you do not prepare…. You WILL Fail” 

What right have I got to talk about this? Why should I give advice like some sort of know it all? 

Firstly, I’ve accepted and watched this virus from the beginning and been called out sorts of scaremonger for it. Now it’s here.

Secondly, I spent 3 months in Isolation during chemotherapy where my blood counts were so low that if anyone gave me any sort of virus or infection, I would have become critically ill and risk my life. I know how boring it can get. Pick up the phone and MAKE THAT CALL!

Thirdly, spending 3 months in the county of Turkmenistan one of the few dictatorships left in this world where the entire nation has a lockdown curfew at 11pm every night (This is 2017 and to control people nothing to do with a virus). 

You have no freedom to do certain things like take photos or leave windows open. 

When those privileges of freedom are taken away from you it’s how you deal with that to prepare for change. Denial, Anger, Acceptance, problem solving. 

So, get ready for the BIGGEST change of our generation. PREPARE! 

It is not ME, it is WE. 

I am ready for that change as I have been there before, this time I have prepared everything, and I have my life jacket firmly on so that I can support others that might need it in weeks to come. 

Everyone has family members and people in their local community that will need the extra support. There will be people that just sort themselves out and watch Netflix for the next 4 weeks. We don’t need to encourage these people. 

There are people who do want to make a difference but first you must administer your own life jacket. 

Fix the roof when the sun is shining. For some of us there is more than a current light drizzle. 

WE, not ME! 


  1. Matthew Williams

    Bang on Af mate. Take care.

  2. Where theres a ‘we’, theres a way. Thanks for tapping up this up Af!

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