Guess Who’s back, back again…

Hello again, 

I’m writing with eyes full of water. No not tears. Allergies. Why me, Why me?

Anyway, Apologies it’s been so long. I’ve been on the rat race. A ‘normal’ job. I’m not sure if it was this job in particular, but this one hit differently. I was a commuter and a 9 to 5’er who never actually works 9-5. It’s a trap. Living for the weekend and even some of them you aren’t free. Well, I didn’t intend this first blog back to be a rant but hey it must be on my mind and I am just typing as I go. 

I’m back to being unemployed and I have put the job applications on the back seat for now. 


Yes, that needed to be shouted and in capital letters as it was bloody hard. 60,000 words and that’s not including edits and re-writes. The further you get into writing a book the more difficult it becomes. Today I have stared at pages for way too long with no writing. I have changed 5 words. But they are crucial to the feel of an entire chapter. So, even though the quantity is not there it feels like the quality has improved and it is more hard hitting.

Each morning of doing that morning commute I would look around the platform and see carbon copies of men and women everywhere. Expensive shoes, Airpods in their ears so not to miss one call or notification and a strong large coffee in hand. Maybe it gets easier and if you’re providing for a family then I guess means must, but for me, having a life where you need coffee to function is not for me. Don’t get me wrong I love a morning coffee and it’s a routine. But that train station platform coffee. No thanks. I am taking a financial hit for the time being and life is not comfortable, but I am hoping to build something from this time.

I am rambling here, but I am going to start weekly posting. Not that many people reads these but it’s good practice. Routine, discipline and engagement. 

Book update:

I have had a few rejections from literary agents. But good rejections. Some nice feedback and some I simply didn’t fall into their genre. It was the happiest I’ve ever been from a rejection. It made me think ‘wow I’m actually doing this’. It’s actually in the process. I have 12 more agents to submit to, after this I will go towards the self-publishing route. I have written 56,000 words and one more chapter to add in and polish. I am looking for front cover designs and ideas. Marketing, social media, partnerships. There is so much more to do than just write words on paper. 

Some may think what’s the point. Just get on the rat race like the rest of us. And maybe it will fail, and maybe I will be stood on a train platform with a coffee in my hand in 6 months’ time, but at least I’ll have no regrets that I didn’t try. 

This is just a short ranty return to blogging post, but If you have read it then I would love love love it if you can enter your email into my subscribe box. That way you won’t miss a post, you can read them in your emails or not, but most of all I can sell this book to the masses. 

Thanks for reading, and don’t suffer in the cold too much with these heating scaries. Get a hot water bottle too. 

Ta Ta

Af x

Completely pointless photo of me boxing just to have a photo on this blog. Will do better next time I promise.

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