Book updates: Getting closer

Dear Fans (still 98 of you),

The starter engine is a bit slow this morning so I thought writing this blog would be a good warm up for the book edits that I should be doing instead.

We’ve had some positive news lately regarding the book. Many in fact. I don’t share as I go because as I’ve spoken about before, delayed gratification is the way to keep pushing through.

I have 4 major updates for you all:

Firstly, my writing coach has submitted my book proposal to 12 new agents. In the past we have just sent a synopsis, an agent letter and the first 10,000 words of the book. This time we put together a 60-page book proposal, which included author information, social media reach, marketing network and strategy, chapter summaries and the first 10,000 words. I believe it’s a strong book proposal. If I was able to get all of my contacts to post about the book on their social pages I think we can hit over 11 million followers. We should hear back from these literary agents in the next 6 weeks. Cross your fingers.

Talking of social media reach, I was really happy last week to get confirmation from Sky Sports presenter, Pete ‘Tubes’ Dale that he would post the book onto his socials. Tubes has been working on the Saturday morning football show Soccer AM for the last 20 years. All the footballers follow his social media pages and even the likes of Tyson Fury and Andy Murray. Big win.

Next up, I had feedback from an old college friend who has now read the book. Dr Hailin Zhao works at Imperial College London and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a Cancer Research Medical Scientist. This man has literally found treatments for types of cancer. I met Dr Zhao at Weymouth College when we were both in the same Human Biology class. Dr Zhao had just moved over from China for his education. He told me in one Biology lesson that his goal was to find cures for cancer. When he told me this, I laughed as I continued to try and melt my pen on the Bunsen burner. He did in fact go on to make breakthroughs for cancer. We always kept in touch on email and met again in 2018. Dr Zhao has given me a fantastic quote for the back of the book, which we also included in the agent submissions.

Dr Zhao’s quote for the book

So agent submissions, Tubes from Soccer AM, Dr Hailin Zhao, and then to top it off…

Yesterday I had a call with a young persons cancer charity, Team Trekstock. Trekstock offer support for young people in their 20’s and 30’s going through cancer treatment. I was introduced to Trekstock during my own treatment. They gave me a month’s subscription to Sky Sports via Now TV. They gave me a year membership to Headspace, which costs about £50 and they do in person meet-ups and retreats. Just before Christmas I took part in one of their 6-week ‘Life after cancer’ workshops online. It was about 20 people on zoom, every Wednesday evening going through reflection tasks. It was absolutely amazing and good to share stories and feelings with people going through similar experiences.

After my call with Trekstock they have said they will send my book out via their newsletter, do a facebook and instagram post about the book… and…they’ve asked me to be a male ambassador for the charity. I was absolutely blown away. This was more than just marketing a book. This was about supporting people through their own journeys. Here’s a link to me on their website

So it’s been some week. I feel like sometimes I am spinning many many plates. Hopefully none of them have dropped to the floor just yet.

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More updates soon… nearly at the finish line. If there is one that is.

Have a great week. You got this!

Af x

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